What kind of meat do you use?
SlantShack’s beef jerky is made from either 100% Grass-Fed or USDA Prime Beef – the choice is yours. For more information about our meat and other ingredients, visit Meet Our Meat.

Where do you sell your jerky?
Why right here, on this lovely website! You can Build-a-Jerky to your liking or choose from one of our expert-designed Chef's Choice packs. SlantShack Jerky can also be found at stores, markets, and bars throughout the land. You can find our current list of retail locations here.

I think I might like to sell SlantShack Jerky at my retail establishment—what should I do?
Contact us at 774-217-3108 or orders@slantshackjerky.com and we'll be at your service faster than you can say Original Marinade with Jerk McGurk’s Wild Rubdown and Brown Sugar Glaze.

When can I expect the jerky I ordered online?
As each order is hand-crafted to your liking, it takes about 2 weeks to process, create, and ship. If it’s been longer than that and you’re concerned that your jerky has been forgotten, misplaced or eaten by a ravenous FedEx truck driver (it’s been known to happen), please contact us at wheresmymeat@slantshackjerky.com.

How long can I keep a bag of SlantShack Jerky?
For optimal flavor and texture, we recommend consumption within one month, though we doubt you’ll be able to keep it around that long.

Is your jerky gluten-free? Or free of some other ingredient I’m allergic to?
SlantShack Jerky is thrilled to offer a gluten-free jerky, Dried & True. If you have any other allergies, please refer to our Ingredients List to make sure you don’t unwittingly poison yourself with our tasty meat snacks.

How does SlantShack fit into the nutritional food pyramid?
Quite nicely, if we do say so ourselves! For the most part, jerky is protein. Of course, our marinades have nutrients as well, some sodium, some carbohydrates, and a lot of delicious. To examine the nutritional content of our basic jerkies, look no further than our nutrition page.

How is jerky made?
We'd be insane to tell you...

Step 1: Thinly slice beef. Step 2: Marinate beef in Top Secret SSJ Marinades for a top secret amount of time. Step 3: Cook beef slices in top secret grade dehydrator oven (keep the oven vents closed and the temperature set to SECRET for the first SECRET hours, then open the vents, and continue to cook at SECRET degrees for another SUPER SECRET hours). Remove from oven, glaze (as desired), apply spice rub (as desired), and add additional toppings (as desired). Jerky has never been so simple.

If you’d like to try you hand at home-made jerky, check out our how-to blog post.

Will my girlfriend/parents/grandparents like this jerky?
Everybody likes SlantShack Jerky. If any of the aforementioned fail to like it, we can find you a suitable jerky-loving replacement.

What exactly goes on in the SlantShack Experimental Laboratories?
One of the primary missions of SlantLabs is to discover bold, adventurous flavors, as well as to come up with innovative, alternative ways to use and/or eat jerky. You can track major development in the Lab on our Blog.

Who are Jerk McGurk and Smoky Sanche?
Jerk McGurk is the patron saint of the SlantShack. He has ensured the relative structural integrity of the Shack for three years while its inhabitants perfected 21st century jerky. Smoky Sanche was Jerk McGurk's and SlantShack's greatest friend. He passed away in the summer of ’09.

Will you go out with me?
One of us will definitely go out with you.