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Jerky Omelette

Courtesy of Fred Raphael. Jerky and eggs have never been wed with such grace… Ingredients: 3 eggs Scallions or green onion Slantshack jerky( variety of your choice) Cheese — Cheddar or Fontina Mushrooms Salt and pepper Butter Directions: 1) Saute … Continue reading

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We love you too, Reddit

I never know what to say when a random person posts a picture of himself eating our jerky. And that’s not because it’s never happened before… Oh dude by the name of Kuyote, we absolutely adore you and your gob … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Person Recovering from Lap Band Surgery

Hi there. We tried to be subtle, but that didn’t work. My supervisor said I should just ignore your email, but I feel you deserve an explanation: A) we feel for you, appreciate your situation and don’t envy what you’ve … Continue reading

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The [Regis and] Kelly Bump

/skips to 3:45 //sees Regis drooling ///mocks Regis

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Terror of Jerky

Dear Dr. McGurk, I tried bringing jerky home for Thanksgiving and it was confiscated by the airport security. They claimed it a hazardous material. I’ve never heard of this. What gives? -Oh So Violated Dear Oh So Violated, Let’s get … Continue reading

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Jerky Mac & Cheese

Ingredients: 1/2 lb dried small pasta 1 tsp of kosher salt 1 tsp hot sauce 1 tsp brown mustard 3 tbsp butter 8 ounces shredded sharp cheddar cheese 6 ounces evaporated milk 1/2 cup shredded SlantShack Jerky Original™ Instructions: 1. … Continue reading

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