Why beef jerky?

Friends and customers often ask us “Why beef jerky?”, to which we usually reply with an obvious “Because it’s delicious and I love it!”. This is indeed true, and few things could be any truer. But, I’m going to let you in on a little secret we have here at the ‘Shack. A big part of the draw is the potential for jerky innuendo and plays on words.

For you office dwelling folk, most of your intra-office e-mails being “Colleagues”, “All”, or “Dear ____”. Here at SlantShack, we like to begin an e-mail to a coworker with “Jerk” or “Jerks” (if addressing multiple), or if we’re feeling particularly poetic, “Meatsticks”. That is but one example of jerky mixing its spice with the vernacular.

However, it goes deeper. It is penetrating our conversations with current and potential customers. Just the other day, the following conversation occurred with a soon-to-be customer.

Michael: I’m currently eating some beef jerky and its complete garbage.  I only got it because I was craving some and the convenient store only carried limited variety. Teriyaki flavor?  More like “Teri-sucky” flavor.  How do I get some SlantShack? I’m dying for some good BJ (short for beef jerky).

SSJ:  Yes! I love messages like that.

Michael:  haha. Figured you would. Seriously though…awful jerky.
SSJ:  I can hook you up with the finest BJ this side of the Mississippi!
Michael:  No teeth, please.
SSJ:  You got it. Just forwarded your email to the team. But yeh, you can order online, or wait until next time you’re in NYC. Website is just www.slantshackjerky.com. You need recommendations?
Michael:  Nice. I’ll do it. Yes, I could use those.
SSJ:  Hot & Smoky isn’t super spicy. Jerk McGurk’s rub is my favorite (paprika, brown sugar, and cayenne). Spicy pepper is a good glaze. Some people swear by garlic powder. Original w/Jerk McGurk’s is my favorite combo.
Michael:  Man, you know your BJs.
SSJ:  The plain marinades, without rubs or glazes are delicious too.
Michael:  hehe, BJ rub. I like it.
SSJ:  Hot & Smoky with Spicy Pepper is solid. Redrub is pretty hot if you’re into that. A nice hot BJ rub.
Michael:  haha
SSJ:  So hopefully that helps you create the ultimate BJ
Michael:  Most certainly will
SSJ:  I know you rookies need some BJ guidance. This might go on the blog by the way.
Michael:  for shizzle
SSJ:  That was your consent.

Did Michael go too far? Did SlantShack kick it up one notch too many? You be the judge.

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