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Jerky + Hummus. Holy shitballs

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Jerky Deconstructed

Our friend and photographer extraordinaire Christina Holmes deconstructs SlantShack Jerky in this awesome series of images. Feast your eyes, then get hungry enough that you have no choice but to place an order and feast your belly. Photographer: Christina Holmes … Continue reading

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Shifty Calhouning

Experienced live, Shuffleboard is as graceful and sweaty as all the ballets and hockey games of Russia combined. If you were fortunate enough to have attended this week’s intra-slantshack Shuffleboard spectacular, you’d recall the moment when CEO Josh “Kacehound” Kace … Continue reading

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SlantShack Jerky Research: Conducting Cross-Demographic Shelf-Life Studies

Over at the SlantShack, we’re obsessed with taste and quality. That’s why we cook jerky to order and try to deliver it to our customers as fresh as possible. At the same time, we are interested in discovering how long … Continue reading

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