Update: Sanche On The Move

In a striking update from the world of SlantShack, Smokey Sanche, the disgruntled spice-rub incarnate,  has abandoned the jerky factory in Orleans, VT, to “road-trip it” “home” for cinqo de “mayo”. As tonight’s press secretary for SlantShack, it is this reporter’s duty to declare that SSJ doesn’t condone Sanche’s expatriation in search of any condiment, let alone the dreaded amorphous franco-alien blob known around the globe as mayonnaise.


Artist Representation of Smokey Sanche (c. 1953)

However, as a tonight’s press secretary, I am bound by contract to implicitly respect his decision at least to the point of writing about it publicly and giving the world the option of sympathizing with his plight, rather than just simply letting the story fall by the wayside without a single posted photograph of this scandalous icon doing suggestive things with other more scantily clad icons in Mexico involving mayonnaise.

Check back on the fifth for something (hopefully) juicy.

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