History Part III

Part III:

Taste Test This!

Around this time is when the SlantShackers began taking themselves seriously, and fortunately for us historians, we start finding records of actual events.

The Shackers rapidly developed their ever expanding menu within the highly secretive confines of the SlantShack Jerky Laboratory. The lab is known for its high output of creative rubbing, unique flavor combination, brilliant innuendos, and a rather enlightening haunting by Edison's ghost (Footnote). Most of what we know about this laboratory is from the recently discovered diary of a ssj lab assistant.

To summarize: during the summer of 2009, after several months of round-the-clock jerkifying, the residents of the eponymous SlantShack perfected the classically traditi-o-riginal master flavor...tangy, herby, a little bit spicy, with the aroma of pre-Colombian America and a touch of salt. Two more marinades were to follow, along with a constant stream of spice rubs and glazes. The Build-A-Jerky grew by the day.

With standardized meat thickness, hand-selected ingredients, and a team of taste buds that could convict O.J., it is no wonder why one critic is calling this "the greatest treat any culture has ever devised in the history of the world or solar system." Yes, that includes Mercury's famed cheesy sun-broiled potassium skins. It's simply that good.

On a side important note, SlantShack's sponsored charity soccer team is 3-1-1 and headed for the playoffs. Please keep your calendars open.

and the tale continues...