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Welcome, esteemed visitor, and thanks for checking out The Rubdown. When we're not making jerky, The Rubdown is how we here at SlantShack exercise our slanty-sides. It's our cultural hub. Here is where you'll find things like announcements from the Shack, jerky-inspired artwork, and user-submitted poetry contests. The best part is: we want you kind folks to participate! And if you like what you see here, share it with your friends. Enjoy!

If you've got some jerky-inspired slantiness you'd care to share with us, send it on over and we might just post it here on The Rubdown!

Occasionally, we at SlantShack determine that there simply isn't enough jerky-themed poetry, artwork, creative writing, photography, or outright silliness out there in the world, and so we turn to the one source of artistic brilliance we know we can count on: YOU! And us. But you can contribute too!

Stay tuned for the next contest and find out what you could win for submitting the next brilliant jerky-thing.

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